CURATEcamp IDCC Session Ideas

CURATEcamp IDCC is all day on Monday, December 6th, 2010 at the International Digital Curation Conference in Chicago, IL, US.  Register now!

Post your session ideas as comments to this post (login not required). Please list your name along with your session suggestion so we have an idea who will lead the discussion.

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Mike G. responded:

Mike G.

Documenting and sharing digital curation use cases, Mike Giarlo

Dorothea Salo responded:
Leveraging the NSF's demand for data plans, Dorothea Salo

Emily Gore responded:
I second the NSF comment - what are others doing to address this need on their campuses? Roles libraries are playing to assist researchers with this requirement? Also, do others see this as an opportunity to further campus wide data management or are requirements like these more of a hindrance?

Neil Grindley responded:

I'd like to talk about the 'quick wins' in digital curation. Which resources (tools, models, frameworks) can be used by people who have limited experience of curation tools to deliver clearly beneficial info management outcomes.

John Mark Ockerbloom responded:

A couple of things I'm interested in discussing:

1. Recommendations for making the transition from "traditional" institutional repository support (with software intended for repositories of papers) to broader and deeper systematic digital curation. (We're early enough in this process that I'd be mostly listening rather than talking, though.)

2. How we can best work as groups over time to curate and preserve content. (That is, how we can ensure that content will continue to be effectively available even after the person or institution that initially curated it goes on to other things). This is potentially a wide-ranging topic, but, for one example, I can discuss some of the things I've tried to ensure that the public LOCKSS network is preserving what we think it's preserving.

Peter Van Garderen responded:
We've just got our web Dashboard running (today) on top of our Archivematica micro-services ( It's still a somewhat rudimentary alpha (0.6.2) release. I can demo it and would love feedback on improving features and usability. We can also use the demo as segue to discuss digital curation micro-services in general.

Erin O'Meara responded:
1) If folks are interested, I could demo the Curators' Workbench that we have in beta right now ( It's a workflow tool that takes tab-separated metadata and digital files and maps the metadata to a MODS schema, en masse and produces a METS manifest file for ingest. It copies files to a staging area in the background. Arrangement of files is also another feature.

2) I'm interested in making relationships with other digital curation folks that are moving from software development projects into managing the ongoing software dev and the live services side of running an active repository. What have been your "gotchas"? How has the project scaled as you went live? We're in this midst of this (several months after our soft launch).

Declan responded:

Hi - these are great! Thanks for the input and I'm looking forward to a great discussion on Monday!

Mark Evans responded:
I'd like to discuss the range of migration and validation tools people are using. I can also give a demo of Tessella's SDB platform