Welcome to CURATEcamp!

Howdy, Campers!  We're glad you're coming to CURATEcamp!

We've based CURATEcamp on the BarCamp or "unconference" model which may be very different from other conferences you've attended. This post is meant to provide some orientation around what you can expect of CURATEcamp, what will be expected of Campers, the overall theme for discussion topics, and some next steps for you.


Be prepared to participate: come with an idea or two for sessions you can lead. Even better, add that idea to the agenda in advance! If you're not prepared to lead a session, no problem; you don't have to be an expert at your topic. Find a topic that interests you and contribute to the conversation however you can. We all bring different contexts and points of view: you can add data points to advance the discussion; you can ask questions that others might not have considered; you can demonstrate something. These are great ways to participate, since they spread knowledge and provoke nuanced group discussions instead of unidirectional lectures.


While CURATEcamp is an unconference, we do have an overarching theme of digital curation. We intend for the Camp to be equally interesting to all practitioners, whether you develop software or do actual curation. We hope that all Campers come with an interest in digital curation, if not expertise with any one approach. Since this is a relatively new approach, we expect that there will be much more interest than experience among Campers. And that's a-okay; we're *building* the community around this approach.


When you arrive, go to the pre-registration table to claim your nametag. Make your way into the common area, where you may find food (we're working on the logistics still) and lots of people to socialize with.

We start on Monday morning by gathering together in one space and going around the room to introduce ourselves with three tags to describe what we're passionate about (or want to talk about). There will also be some housekeeping announcements. After this, people who intend to lead a session will add their session info to an empty schedule grid -- having documented these on the agenda beforehand will help this go quickly. If you see a session you're interested in, go to it.

After a couple of sessions, we'll take a break for lunch. Feel free to wander around and socialize while or after you eat. More announcements will be made immediately following lunch, and any newly-proposed sessions will be added to the schedule grid.

On Monday night, we'd like to keep everyone together for dinner and drinks so you can discuss what you've heard today and network with peers!  We're not sure about the logistics on this yet, so keep tuned to http://curatecamp.org for details!

After the sessions are finished, please stick around to tidy up. It's generally as simple as throwing trash away and taking down signs, but any help is appreciated.


First and foremost, think about some digital curation related topics you'd like to discuss. When you're ready, add them to the agenda. You may engage fellow Campers in advance of the Camp in a few different ways:

If you have any questions or requests, send them to Declan Fleming (dfleming@ucsd.edu), Mike Giarlo (michael@psu.edu)

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