CURATEcamp #OR11

Get ready for CURATEcamp #OR11!

We're glad you're coming to CURATEcamp #OR11! The camp may be very different from other conferences you've attended. This post is meant to provide some orientation around what you can expect of CURATEcamp.


Be prepared to participate: come with an idea or two for topics in digital curation -- tools, frameworks, workflows, policies, resources, services, etc. -- that interest you. Even better, add that idea to the ideas list in advance to get the creative juices flowing before the event.

When we meet as a group, we’ll vote on which topics to discuss and in what order.

Propose any topic that interests you and contribute to the conversation however you can. We all bring different perspectives: you can add data points to advance the discussion; you can ask questions that others might not have considered; you can demonstrate something.


Make your way to Room 1.124 of Perry Castañeda Library, where you may find food (we're working on the logistics still) and fellow Campers to socialize with. At around 8:45am we’ll settle in our seats, aiming to start the event at 9am. (The room is open to us at 8am, for those who are early risers.)

CURATEcamp #OR11 will follow the “open agenda” model. The meeting has no preset agenda on purpose; the point is to connect folks who are eager to share their perspectives and hear those of others. The Camp’s overarching theme is digital curation. We intend for the event to be equally interesting to diverse practitioners, whether you develop software, manage day-to-day operation of a repository, or curate digital materials.

We will sit in a roughly circular configuration, introduce ourselves, and say a few words about the kind of work we do and what we'd like to discuss. Our chair will then ask for proposed topics, recording them for future reference, and then we'll chunk the discussions into 30 minute slots. At the end of each 30 minute slot, we will vote on continuing the current topic or moving to the next one. People are encouraged to add topics to the list during breaks and lunch.

Around 3pm, we will begin wrapping up the discussion; we lose access to the room at 3:30pm. After the event, we'd like to keep everyone together for drinks so you can discuss what you've heard today and network with peers! We're not sure about the logistics on this yet, so keep tuned to and the digital-curation list for details.


First and foremost, think about some digital curation related topics you'd like to discuss. When you're ready, add them to the list.

You may engage fellow Campers in advance of the Camp in a few different ways:

  • Search your favorite index or social network for the Camp tag, "#CURATEcamp", and discover other Campers
  • Tag your own stuff with "#CURATEcamp" and "#OR11" so other Campers can find you
  • Follow @CURATEcamp on Twitter
  • Write to the digital-curation list
  • Jump on the Freenode IRC network and join the #curatecamp channel

If you have any questions or requests, send them to Mike Giarlo, Declan Fleming, or Ryan Scherle.


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Wireless at CURATEcamp #OR11

If you will be using a wireless-enabled device at CURATEcamp #OR11, you will need to fill out a short survey provided by the University of Texas for access to UT's guest network. This must be filled out by May 31st. More information from the conference organizers follows.

UT Libraries will use the information you provide to obtain your login credentials. You will receive these credentials when you arrive at the pre-conference meeting. (If you are attending multiple pre-conference meetings, it is not necessary to fill out the survey form multiple times.)

Please note that wireless access at the main conference site (the AT&T Conference Center) does not require login credentials. The above instructions apply only to pre-conference workshops and meetings that take place on Monday and Tuesday at locations on the UT Austin campus.

More information about logging on to the UT Austin guest network is available here.

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Registration open for CURATEcamp events

CURATEcamp is holding TWO events this summer, and we're pleased to announce that registration is now open for both! These meetings are not linked, but are fairly close to each other on the calendar, so we are announcing them together.


CURATEcamp Open Repositories 2011 Pre-conference, June 6, Austin, TX

WHEN: June 6th, 2011 (8am - 3:30pm)
WHERE: Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas, Austin, TX
COST: $0 (includes registration only)

CURATEcamp #OR11 is a one-day pre-conference of Open Repositories 2011 focusing on data curation tools and microservices.

Space is limited to 75 registrants, so reserve your spot while you can:

CURATEcamp #OR11 is supported by Dryad (National Evolutionary Synthesis Center), the Pennsylvania State University, the UC San Diego Libraries, and the Digital Library Federation (Council on Library and Information Resources).


CURATEcamp 2011, August 15-16, Palo Alto, CA

WHEN: August 15-16, 2011 (8am - 5pm)
WHERE: Meyer & Green Libraries, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
COST: $125 (includes meals from dinner on the 14th until lunch on the 16th, and lodging if you need it -- one bed in a double room in Stern Hall)

CURATEcamp 2011 is a two-day unconference connecting practitioners of digital curation with technologists and software developers.

Space is limited to 120 registrants, so reserve your spot while you can:

CURATEcamp 2011 is generously sponsored by the Pennsylvania State University; the Storage Networking Industry Association; the University of California, Los Angeles; Indiana University; and the Digital Library Federation (Council on Library and Information Resources). To keep costs low, we are also soliciting additional sponsors. If your institution is interested in fostering community around the practice of digital curation, please contact Katherine Kott.

More information

More information about CURATEcamp is available at

Have questions about the camp? Please join the Digital Curation group and fire away.

-CURATEcamp #OR11 and 2011 Unorganizers
Mike Giarlo
Declan Fleming
Katherine Kott
Ryan Scherle
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Proposal for CURATEcamp Open Repositories 2011

We have submitted a proposal to host a one-day CURATEcamp pre-conference at Open Repositories 2011. Thanks to everyone who helped put this together, and to the OR11 planning committee for working with us. Keep an eye on this space for updates on a CURATEcamp presence at OR11.
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