iPREShack - SPRUCE, OPF and CURATEcamp hackathon at iPRES2013



Registration for iPRES and signup for iPREShack is now open. An event page is here:



The event


iPREShack is a digital preservation hackathon that will take place during iPRES2013. Attendees will work together to address preservation challenges, and enhance our preservation tools. As well as advancing our ability to perform digital preservation it will be an opportunity for attendees to work with the best technical experts in the field, to advance their understanding of digital preservation, to develop their coding skills and to exchange knowledge and experience in a friendly and collaborative environment.

SPRUCE, OPF and CURATEcamp have been running a variety of digital preservation themed events over the last few years, and bring a wealth of experience to the facilitation of iPREShack. We'll be working hard to put that experience into practice and deliver a productive, and most importantly fun, iPRES hackathon.

But don't take our word for it. We solicit feedback from our attendees using an anonymous online form at the end of each of our events. Here's what attendees said about our last hackathon, held in Leeds, UK in March 2013:

  • "(Liked) Developing practical solutions for concete problems; ability to meet up with other developers/practitioners with similar issues;opportunity to exchange knowledge, views and opinions."
  • "(Liked) Collaboration between different institutions, all working together to solve issues that were viewed as important to address."
  • "(Liked) The communication among people who had worked on different tools. I met lots of people I'd known only over the Internet."
  • "As someone who is relatively new to digital preservation in general it gave me a good overview of the different tools available, their strengths and weaknesses and how best to use them."

And these were the responses when we asked if we should run a similar hackathon event on an annual basis:
"Definitely", "Yes", "Absolutely", "Yes, maybe even on quarterly or half-year basis. I believe such events (if focused) are really good to start doing new features, fix existing bugs and more. Also they act as a motivator and keep projects/tools alive.", "Yes", "Yes! Yes! and Yes again!", "YES! At least on an annual basis", "Yes, perhaps even more frequently", "Yes", "Yes!", "PRETTY PLEASE!", "Yes, if not more often", "Yes", "Yes (or more frequently)", "Yes, if not more often".

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