CURATEcamp 2010

CURATEcamp 2010: Community Support Breakout 3 8.16.10

Attributes for Curation Community 1.0

Contributed FTE
Lightweight - no formal partnership but possibly mou
Do not need another membership subscription
in-kind contribution is more attractive
self-sustaining - members do the work
continued events (face-to-face)
collaborative spec development
non-tech contributors - eg. use-cases, testing, wishlists, policy - holistic approach to curation
committed core of developers

CURATEcamp 2010: Attendee List

Who's coming to CURATEcamp 2010?

Feel free to add some links after your name!

CURATEcamp 2010: Transportation

CURATEcamp 2010: Location

We've changed location slightly! CURATEcamp 2010 will be held at the University of California at Berkeley, in "Unit 2"
(2650 Haste St., Berkeley CA) of the residence halls. Unit 2 has meeting rooms and suites, and is one block from the dining hall.

CURATEcamp 2010: Agenda

This page is meant for developing the CURATEcamp 2010 agenda. If there's a topic you're interested in discussing, add it to this list if it's not already there. Make sure to include your name next to it. Check the list first to see if someone's already added the topic.

CURATEcamp 2010: What is it?

CURATEcamp 2010: Micro-services and digital curation
Micro-services are a new approach to providing effective and sustainable digital curation solutions that has developed in reaction to the heavy-weight practices of the past. The primary notion underlying the concept is that complex behavior is an emergent property of the composition of simple, interoperable components. Thus, the micro-services approach is characterized by a controlling metaphor:

  • Infrastructure as Lego bricks

A set of general principles:

Curation Technology Camp (CURATEcamp) 2010

Curation Technology Camp (CURATEcamp) 2010: August 16-17, 2010, University of California, Berkeley


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