Feedback notes

Changes requested for next camp
  • more time for intro to micro-services
  • more room to describe a session topic than just a post-it
  • shorter times slots, esp. for lightning talks that won't take an hour
  • break between hour slots
  • do report-outs from sessions
  • work harder to solicit interesting stuff that people are doing (some people are shy)
  • code code code -- bring code plus docs to next meeting
  • the very first intro session should be lightning presentations (seated, no PPT) from every person attending where you answer, say, 5 questions: what you're here for, what your biggest challenge is, what good stuff you're working on, what you want to ask, etc. Breaks the ice, everyone gets a turn (esp. the wallflowers), we learn instantly about what everyone is bringing (they knew alot more about us than we about them), everyone does a wee bit more prep for the conference but they spend minimal conference time prepping their part.
  • Encourage people to add their info to the attendees page. Would be good to have background about what you do, what projects you work on. Pictures would help.
  • How about having quick overviews before each breakout session, where the session proposers provide a brief overview for what they'd like to cover? Maybe something similar to the InfoCamp Seattle schedule (though maybe not spending quite so much time on them -
  • Portable mic with good amplification for whole-group gatherings (e.g. plenary, report-backs, wrap-up)
  • Short (10-min?) logistical all-hands at start of second day: when to check out, things like that

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