Welcome to CURATEcamp: Catalogers + Coders

Thanks for registering for CURATEcamp: Catalogers and Coders at DLF Fall Forum! We're looking forward to meeting with you all next Wednesday. We'll be meeting in Constellation C from 9:00AM – 5:00PM. (Lunch, if I recall correctly, is on your own.)

CURATEcamp: Catalogers and Coders is an opportunity for metadata specialists and technologists to engage in interactive problem solving and exploration of topics of joint interest, especially in the area of Linked Data. A primary goal is clear articulation of problems related to metadata within the library community, and the beginning of plans that can be taken back to home institutions to address them.

This event is being held under the CURATEcamp umbrella, and as such will be structured as an "unconference" with the agenda for the day being set by participants at the event.

The morning will be spent articulating common problems and setting the scope for future work. We'll start out the day by giving individual introductions and brief statements on metadata- or tool-oriented problems that we face regularly in our work lives. The afternoon will be spent in groups tackling individual problem statements, and taking the first steps towards planning for solutions.

What you can do between now and then is think about the issue(s) -- problems you encounter, tools you'd like to see tweaked, metadata consistency issues that keep you up at night, use cases, itches you'd like to see scratched -- you'll highlight during the morning session, and what you'd like to see folks discuss and work on throughout the day at the camp. We've set aside some wiki space for folks to toss up ideas.

I would also encourage you all to attend Suzanne Pilsk's and Robin Wendler's session on retooling LAM metadata tools, which is something of a sister to our proposal. (Though it may already be full, you might try to get on the waitlist.) Comment here to "register."

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email me and I will forward to my co-planners. Or find us at DLF on Monday and Tuesday -- maybe we'll run into each other at a pub.

See you all in Baltimore!

-Mike, on behalf of co-planners Diane Hillmann, Jenn Riley, and Declan Fleming new nike air max 2019