CURATEcamp SAA 2013 Pre-conference, Tuesday, August 13, New Orleans, LA

SAVE THE DATE: CURATEcamp SAA 2013 Pre-conference, Tuesday, August 13, New Orleans, LA

There will be a one-day pre-conference CURATEcamp at this year's Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting.  Registration is open now! & Space is limited. We encourage you to register and share with others. We're hoping for a diverse group of attendees as enthusiastic as last year's inaugural bunch.

CURATEcamp SAA 2013 Pre-conference wiki

This workshop is an unconference-style event at which participants will engage in discussions related to data curation and digital archives. It’s an unconventional format, with participants in charge of determining learning objectives by choosing the topics and driving the discussion. And it’s an opportunity to brainstorm on current topics, explore ideas in progress or tough concepts, and share best practices.

This open forum allows for discussions with a diverse group of professionals in a setting in which topics develop organically throughout the day. Visit CURATEcamp - How it works or CURATEcamp SAA 2012 for more information.

One of the core goals of CURATEcamp is that everyone engages in peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity to broaden the digital curation community. Most of all, you’ll be in a position to propose topics, ask questions, get answers, and make connections with your peers in a welcoming environment. There are no spectators at CURATEcamp...only participants!

Who should attend? Anyone who touches digital records and wants to participate and learn in this new format.

What should you already know? You should have a basic understanding of digital collections and data sets.


WHEN: Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 10 AM – 4 PM

COST: $39 (SAA Members), $69 (Non-Members) in advance*


Space is limited to 40 registrants, so reserve your spot while you can: SAA 2013 CURATEcamp registration

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